Crystal Grids

Crystal Grids



Facilitated by: Tara
Room: Heart Room
Date: Saturday 3rd October 2020,
2.30pm - 5.30pm
Cost: €45 early bird available until 25th September, €50 thereafter. 

Two workshops special €85

“Why did I buy this crystal?”

“Why do I feel the need to keep it on my person, at work, by my computer?”

“Why did my friend/acquaintance give me this rock?”

“What is it about this crystal that draws me to it?”

“How am I supposed to use this crystal and for what?”

Do you find yourself asking these or similar questions? Do you have a curiosity or “gut” feeling about some crystals that have come into your life? Do you own crystals that you have no clue about? Are you curious about crystals and want to learn more? Bring your crystals to Crystal Beginnings and work with Crystal Practitioner and teacher, Tara Hofmann, to find out more about your crystals and how they can positively enhance and improve your life. If you do not have any personal crystals, don't worry! Crystals will be provided for classwork and are available for purchase on-site.

Tara will help you connect with crystals on a personal level, discern messages, identify what you have, how it may be used in your daily life and answer questions.


Crystal grids can bring positivity into your life, personal healing, cleanse, protect against negativity, help focus your goals, enhance relationships and much more. In this workshop, you will learn what a crystal grid is, how they work and how to construct one. You will get hands-on experience and grid templates. Bring our own crystals to work with or use those provided.

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Facilitated by: Tara
Heart Room
Saturday 3rd October 2020,
10am - 1pm
€45 early bird available until 25th September, €50 thereafter. 

● Learn crystal basics.

● Crystal Background

● How to choose crystals

● How to connect with crystal energy

● Various uses

● Care and cleansing of crystals (Full day workshop includes the Crystal Grid workshop)


Two workshops special €85