More Truth Will Set You Free (Via Zoom)

More Truth Will Set You Free (Via Zoom)


Facilitated by: Sandra Grey Wolf (Squires)
Room: Zoom
Date: Wednesdays 4PM & Saturdays 3PM
Price: Zoom Live €8, Past audio recordings €4

It is time to show up for your life!

In these transformational workshops you will enter a powerful healing vortex that will support you and help you release what you no longer need to carry.

Through spiritual teachings, channeled meditations and inspirational music, you will enjoy powerful personal journeys while challenging old belief systems that may have kept you stuck in limiting and unhealthy patterns.

If you are looking for a change for the better, or just want an extra boost on your spiritual journey, please join us in these enlightening workshops. Awaken your creativity to be who you really are, while holding a space of love for yourself and others like never before.

You won't be surprised by what you learn in these workshops, you will be TRANSFORMED!

Advance booking is essential. Please book by 6pm of the previous day to ensure you will receive the related Zoom link. 

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