Living Free Workshop

Living Free Workshop


Facilitator: Various Teachers
Room: Meditation Hall

Every Saturday @ 3PM - 5PM

Price: €20 


Spirit, Mind, Body Connection.

Connecting the three aspects of ourselves – Spirit, Mind, Body – in a supportive environment of like-minded individuals, we gain a new perspective on our lives that promotes healing, self-confidence and inner strength.  Through inspirational teachings, music, meditation, mindfulness and sharing, we understand how our thoughts, feelings and actions create our environment, and when we replace negative aspects of those to positive, we overcome challenges with ease and grace.  Accepting the ebb and flow of life versus resisting it, allows us to find peace and joy in every moment.  In this workshop we explore limiting beliefs and behaviours and by doing this we open to more abundance of everything – love, happiness, compassion, and creativity. We learn to live in the present moment which is where we connect with all aspects of ourselves – Spirit, Mind, Body – in an empowered way.