Chetana Ka Vistaar - Meditation Course

Chetana Ka Vistaar - Meditation Course


'Chetana Ka Vistaar Meditation' means 'Consciousness Expanding Meditation'

This is an on-demand recording of the course Derek O'Neill taught in the winter of 2021. In this 10 part course, Derek O’Neill shares the proper way to meditate, including specific instructions on technique, posture, breath, focus, and environment. Each class includes a document of instructions (PDF) and a video approximately 30 minutes in length. 

The meditation chart Derek refers to is available for purchase here.

Meditation is the expansion of consciousness, using a practice that dissolves the appearance of separateness until we realize that we are one. Ancient text reveals that this state can be achieved through specific yogic techniques, taught by someone who has been initiated to pass on these sacred teachings. While reaching this state may be our ultimate goal, there are immeasurable benefits on the path to get there. To work towards this state, the discipline of daily practice and proper use of mantras, japa, mudras, and your environment is essential.

Background on Meditation

Many are familiar with stories of great yogis and sages, who demonstrated extraordinary wisdom, prophetic insight and mystical experiences using their advanced knowledge of energy. Today, science has proven that everything is energy - our physical world, our body, thoughts and emotions. While modern science may not have caught up to the ancient yogic sciences, many living masters can attest to expanded states of consciousness where bliss, control over our emotions and mystical experiences are possible.


The human energy system is known as the chakra system. A meditation practice uses the chakra system and their associated elements, by dissolving each energy (element) into the next until they become one. This is the practice of dying every day. Meditation melts solid (earth) into liquid (water), liquid into gas (fire), gas into ether, then mind, and mind will melt away until all is spirit. 

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