Herbalism Retreat

Herbalism Retreat


Facilitated by: Bernard Harris
Room: Meditation Hall
Date: Friday 19th - Sunday 21st July
Cost: €340 per person sharing / €420 single occupancy

Journey into the ancient way of healing and gain knowledge & understanding of the natural way of living. Make your own medicine and have great fun but ultimately re-engage with Nature.

Join Bernard Harris for this unique Retreat to experience what Herbalism is; from creating a sacred circle to medicine making, treating conditions, dream work, herbal tastings, Yoga and plant based meals along with deluxe accommodation and tranquil surroundings.

This is a treat for anyone with an interest in Healing through Nature.

This event will  embody 12 years of personal growth and work with plant medicine from around the world.


Retreat Schedule:

Friday 19th July

17:00 Check in and welcome circle in the Heart Room

There will be full introduction to the weekend and what Herbal Medicine is and how it is practiced.

A “Herbal Tastings” will also be introduced where you will experience the power of a herb and an understanding as to how to track it in your body.

18:00 Plant base dinner

20.00 “Q” DVD  - A powerful documentary hosted by David Antenbrow on London’s Botanical Gardens as to the work they are doing to save plant species.

A specific Herbal tea blend will be given during the film to assist each body to relax.

Saturday 20th July

09:00 Breakfast

09:45 Opening Circle: Using smudging and Mapacho Tobacco

10:30 Five Tibetan Rites Yoga

11:45 Herbs Workshop

13:00 Plant based Lunch

14:00 Herbal tasting

14:45 Making Herbal Tea workshop

15:30 Short Break  & Refreshments

16:00 Looking at dried herbs and the benefits in using them in a different way.

17:30 Finish and general discussion / hang around till dinner

18:00 Plant base dinner

20:00 “SEED” DVD 1.5 hours and finishing with a short discussion about the day.

Sunday 21st July

09:00 Breakfast

09:45 Discussion circle

10:30 Five Tibetan Rites Yoga

11:45 Short tea break

12:15 Herbalism Workshop

We will talk about Entheogens and sacred medicine of our ancients and how they are still used today and why. What is the difference of consciousness between Sacred medicine and Recreationally taking these plants and the dangers verses positive outcomes. (this will be from my direct experience from the jungles of South America and over Europe and what is going on in the west). It will be information that nobody gets and is evaluable to tell others that are part taking in recreational uses of these plants.

13:00 Plant based Lunch

14:00 Lets talk Fungi

15:00 Extraction of Herbs

15.45 pm Finish Closing Circle: Using smudging and Mapacho Tobacco

“Every body that attends will receive a thank you package of Loose teas, sleeping formula aid and some herbal Information along with some organic seeds to plant”

End of Retreat and the start to a re-connection!


Photo by Peter Detheridge on Unsplash