Support Packages


At Creacon, we have wonderful volunteers that donate time and financial support to help us with the upkeep of our gardens, buildings and general maintenance. This allows us to keep our prices affordable, so our centre is accessible to all who need it.

The Friends of Creacon packages are setup to provide an energetic exchange for those who want to support Creacon financially or require personal support themselves. Anyone who donates receives the equivalent exchange of energy in return. These packages are a great way to get an energetic boost to support your physical health, to help achieve your goals, increase abundance, and emotional healing. During our meditations, we bring your name or the name of a loved one into our energy to facilitate support and accelerate healing.

Enrollment for 6 months at the "Support" level earns you a 10% discount towards your accommodation when staying with us overnight. Enrollment for 6 months at the "Sustain" level earns you a free energy treatment the next time you stay at Creacon

Please note that funds contributed to Creacon are not charitable donations and therefore are not tax deductible.


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