17th - 21st June

17th - 21st June


Freedom To Be You 

Please be advised that you can only book the accommodation part of the retreat here. Retreat registration and payment has to go through HERE.

Facilitated by: Liz Smart
Dates: Monday 17th - Friday 21st June, 2024
Price: €1,700 per person sharing/ €1,840 single occupancy

Escape to Creacon for an intimate retreat led by Liz Smart, where personal transformation and community spirit flourish amidst the enchanting landscapes. Liz’s tailored sessions invite you to delve into the art of guided meditation, embrace holistic wellness, and immerse yourself in the rich local culture. This retreat is an invitation to awaken your senses, enrich your spirit, and connect with kindred souls on a journey of rediscovery and joy.

Retreat Schedule

Please be advised that this is a sample schedule and some activities are subject to change.


15:00 - Registration and Check-in to Creacon Wellness Retreat
16:00 - Welcoming Circle: A warm introduction and setting intentions.
17:30 - Evening Meditation: The benefits of letting go of what no longer serves you
18:00 - Dinner: Enjoy a delicious two-course meal from the Soulful Food set residents' menu
19:30 - Evening Circle: A deeper exploration into the interconnectedness of mind, body, and spirit.


07:30 Morning Meditation - Setting the intention of the day
08:15 Grounding session - Connect with Mother Earth & Ourselves
09:00 Breakfast
10:30 Nature Walk
13:00 Delicious Lunch served by Soulful Food set menu
14:00 Free Time for Self-Reflection and Relaxation - Engage in personal activities, explore the retreat setting, or simply rest.
16:00 Insightful Session: Overcoming Self-Sabotage
17:30 Evening Meditation: Releasing Stress, Welcoming Calm
18:00 Dinner - Enjoy a delicious two-course meal from the Soulful Food set residents' menu
19:30 Evening Circle - Benefits of Rituals


07:30 - Morning Meditation: Start the day centered and focused.
08:15 - Grounding Session: Energize and align mind, body, and spirit.
09:00 - Breakfast.
10:00 - Free Time for Self-Reflection and Relaxation: Engage in personal activities or explore the retreat setting.
11:00 - Sacred Circle : Secrets Unveiled  
13:00 - Lunch: Delicious meal served by Soulful Food from the set residents' menu.
14:00 - Free Time: Rest or personal activities.
15:30 - Sound Healing Session incorporating Evening Meditation: A therapeutic session to deepen relaxation and inner harmony.
17:00 - Free Time: Downtime for participants to process experiences or engage in personal activities.
18:00 - Dinner: Enjoy a delicious two-course meal from the Soulful Food set residents' menu.
19:30 - Celebration of the Summer Solstice: Ceremony to honor the longest day of the year with meditative practices and shared stories.


07:30 - Morning Meditation: Start the day with inner peace.
08:15 - Grounding Session: Connect and align with nature's energy.
09:00 - Breakfast.
10:00 - Departure for Day Trip: Explore historical and spiritual sites in the Sunny South East, taste local cuisine, and enjoy the company of fellow participants.
18:00 - Dinner at Creacon: Return to the retreat for a hearty two-course dinner from the Soulful Food set menu.
19:30 - Sacred Ceremony: A special evening session to deepen the spiritual experience of the retreat, enhancing connection and reflection.


07:30 - Morning Meditation: Connecting to the stillness and silence that rest within.
08:15 - Grounding Session: Connect with and express gratitude for the gifts bestowed upon us.
09:00 - Breakfast: Enjoy the company of fellow participants while sharing a delicious meal together
10:00 - Reflective Sharing: Engage in a group discussion to reflect on the retreat's impact and share personal insights.
11:00 - Free Time/Check-out: Participants can pack their belongings, relax, or engage in personal reflection. Check-out by 11:30 This time allows everyone to prepare for departure without rushing.
12:30 - Fire Ceremony Closing Circle: A closing gathering to reflect on the retreat experiences, share insights, and discuss ways to integrate the lessons learned into everyday life.

    About the Facilitator


    Liz Smart is a dedicated intuitive life transformation mentor, speaker, and seasoned meditation teacher, renowned for her deep commitment to fostering personal growth and healing. With over two decades of experience in holistic health, Liz brings a wealth of knowledge in naturopathy, spirituality, and metaphysics, equipping her with unique tools to guide others on their transformative journeys.

    Having navigated significant personal challenges, including the loss of her husband, navigating through financial ruin, and rebuilding after her home was affected by a natural disaster. These experiences have not only taught her about the resilience of the human spirit but also enriched her capacity to assist others through their darkest times with profound empathy and understanding.

    Liz's retreats offer more than just a break from daily life; they are profound experiences designed to reset, inspire, and empower participants.

    Cancellation Policy

    The purchases/deposits you make are non-refundable. You can cancel within 48 hours of making your purchase, we will gladly refund your full deposit upon request within this time line. Up to 2weeks prior to the event, we can transfer your purchase to another date where possible, after which the purchase/deposit is completely non-refundable.

    In the event of a no-show the booked night(s) and service(s) will be charged in full.

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