Mindfulness & Stress Relief Retreat

Mindfulness & Stress Relief Retreat


Facilitator: Colette Savage
Date: 23-24 SEPT  / 14-15 OCT / 4-5 NOV
Price: €120 or €240 with accommodation

What Is Mindfulness?

Imagine a more loving and natural, rejuvenating mental state. Mindfulness is a simple and gentle tool that gives us a choice to be present in any moment and to consciously chose the thoughts, actions and beliefs that create our very reality. Mindfulness practices train our mind to pay attention.  When we are able to stay present, we leave no room for stress or anxiety-based thoughts – with practise this becomes our way of living.

Discover a range of mindful practices to stop negative thinking, reduce stress, anxiety and worry, increase concentration, improve emotional balance, and find greater joy.



10.00am -8:00pm

Learn how to connect with your heart, body, and emotions to identify where stress or anxiety is manifesting and how to apply breathing practices, mindful movement, creative mindfulness and guided meditation to relief negative thought patterns that drive tension and stress.



Learn how to apply a mindful communication practice for mindful living and identify your personal strategy for stress or anxiety relief.

€120 – includes lunch on Saturday
€240 – includes classes, lunch on Saturday and overnight stay (2 people €440)
Please contact us to book this retreat with the accommodation option. 

For more information ring: Colette 085 855 1155