Come Home to Yourself

Come Home to Yourself


Paperback: 167 pages

by Karen Ní Faoláin

Come Home to Yourself is the story of how one woman overcame the trauma that caused her to spiral out of control and brought her to the very edge.

For many years Karen O’Faoláin kept a secret that was eating her up inside. After suffering deep trauma as a child, she drops out of school at fourteen, leaves home and finds escape through drugs and alcohol. With little hope for the future, she feels trapped in a loop of despair and self-sabotage. Still just a teenager, Karen moves to France to work as an au pair, in a bid to start afresh and turn her life around. But when she meets the suave and handsome Bernard, an unexpected chapter opens in her life, and Karen must learn to cope with a whole new reality that brings problems of its own. With a new and challenging focus in her life, Karen struggles to find the determination and courage she needs to succeed. But first she must ‘come home to herself’ and learn what it means to truly love and be loved.