Consultation with Derek O'Neill

Consultation with Derek O'Neill


Derek O'Neill is a world-renowned transformational therapist, motivational speaker, author and humanitarian. Although he is often traveling to tend to the many projects around the world he takes part in, while he is in residence at Creacon Lodge, Derek offers private one-on-one consultations.

Derek has devoted his life to helping people to realise their true potential. He has touched thousands around the world with his unique gifts and therapeutic insight and draws from spiritual teachings but is not a guru. A private consultation with Derek is the chance for you to identify and address the parts of your life that may be keeping you from your true happiness. Through his work as a psychotherapist, Derek has helped many people to overcome obstacles in their lives such as addiction, grief, emotional trauma and limiting belief systems.  He teaches how negative emotions such as anger and stress can cause mental imbalance and physical illness, and helps people find their way from confusion and adversity to clarity and excellence.   

These unique one-on-one consultations can help you shift your life toward health, joy and balance. The love and transformative energy of these sessions is a one-of-a-kind experience.  You will not be the same when you leave!  

To request a consultation with Derek, please first fill out this online form before you pay and you will be contacted if there is an appointment available. It is important to note that consultations with Derek are not guaranteed; they are granted in accordance with the visitor's needs and Derek's availability.


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