Practical Magic and Breath-Taking Relationships

Practical Magic and Breath-Taking Relationships


Facilitated by: Gray and Linda

Room: Meditation Hall
Date: Tuesday 24th September 7.30PM - 9.30PM 
Cost: €25

By invitation of Derek O’Neill, a special one-day event will be offered by Gray Robinson and Linda Giangreco on the Tuesday the week of Derek’s one-week September Spiritual Retreat. This will be offered to both Retreat participants and the general public.

Gray and Linda will go deeper and wider into what makes a lasting, fulfilling relationship and how to put old-fashioned magic back into your life.

During this presentation, you will learn:


How to and Why “Starting the Art of Slowing Down” should be at the top of your Spiritual TO DO list.

Learn the small daily practices that we once considered indulgent but are now necessary to have us start “Coming Back to Our Senses”. This will be an experiential teaching with a hands-on dive into recalling, reliving and reviving your relationship with yourself as a sensual, fully present spiritual being.

Learn the creative art of Pastel Spells and how these simple actions along with your intentions and prayer will enhance your outcomes with “50 Quick Effective Pastel Spells for Love, Success, Abundance, Healing and Clearing”.



  • The ten levels of love
  • How to successfully date online
  • How to change stress and anxiety with your partner to confidence and bliss
  • How to experience earth shattering orgasmic sex
  • How to change shyness to strength and inner confidence
  • How to enhance your self esteem
  • How to transform unhealthy relationships to fulfilling experiences
  • How to spot unhealthy disorders
  • How to tell the difference between love and co-dependence
  • How to achieve clarity in your relationships


About Gray & Linda

Gray and Linda draw on their years of work with Derek, interviews with hundreds of spiritual relationship experts on their radio show Soulspark Radio, and years of consulting with people all over the world from all walks of life.

Gray was a divorce attorney for 27 years in North Carolina, a substance abuse counselor for the NC State Bar, and has been an alternative healer and spiritual leader for 15 years, certified in 15 different healing modalities.

Linda has been a transformational leader and business consultant for 20 years specializing in the area of communication for 41 years in the US and internationally. She is also an artist, a practicing ordained minister, a Lovealutionary (spreading that stuff everywhere like glitter) and a practitioner of various magical arts she has revised and crafted into present day “Pastel Magic”.


Photo by Valentin Antonucci on Unsplash