Sunday 23rd June

Sunday 23rd June


Sunday Sanctuary Workshop

Facilitated by: Martina
Dates: Sunday 23rd June 2024, 3-6PM
Price: €50

Has your life been very busy lately? Do you feel exhausted with the demands of everyday life? Do you feel that you just want to get off the treadmill, just for a little while, to take a little time for yourself, to slow down and give yourself that little bit of attention that the inner you is craving for? Then this afternoon maybe is what you need to give you that space, that time for you to completely relax, reset and recharge. 

What to expect.

This 3 hour retreat begins with a welcome chat followed by a beautiful grounding meditation, a gentle yoga flow, followed by a nourishing and relaxing restorative and Yin yoga practice. We will then finish with a very long yoga Nidra (sleep yoga). Weaved through the afternoon we will have poetry, chats and little nuggets of information on nutrition and wellbeing, and how we can support ourselves further going into the winter.

During the afternoon you will completely relax and have the time to focus on just you. You will delve a little bit deeper within yourself to help you recognise what your own needs are and how you can support yourself when you return to the outside world. We will then finish the day with lovely chats with like-minded people and some teas and treats.

The focus for this Sunday Sanctuary will be on the Manuipura chakra, representing our personal power and self-esteem, along with the liver and gallbladder meridians where we hold our anger and compassion the focus being on letting go and moving forward with new beginnings.  

This afternoon is suitable for EVERYONE, there is no experience in yoga needed. All props are provided including mats, bolsters and blankets, however you are more than welcome to bring your own if you prefer.

The Sunday Sanctuary was designed for you to dip your toe into what it feels like to truly relax without having to over commit when time is precious with the demands of everyday life. Anyone who attends this Sunday Sanctuary mini retreat, will leave having found space in their mind, body, and soul to feel fully relaxed, re-energised and rejuvenated.

Rest – Donna Ashworth
If only we could see the power in rest. If only we could attach to it the worth it so deserves. If only we could open our minds to the idea that everything in nature has its time to rise and it’s time to descend. That each of these acts is as important as the other. And that is exactly as it must be. If only the ability to allow our bodies space to heal was awarded the same badge of honour given to busyness and stress in this life. If only we could realise, resting is very much doing.

    About your facilitator

    Martina Avery lives and teaches in Waterford City. She has been teaching yoga since 2017 and practicing yoga for over 22 years. She has completed further training in Yin Yoga, Yoga for Menopause and Yoga for Special Needs. She is also a Nutritional Therapist and Health Coach specialising in Women’s health especially perimenopause and menopause.

    In 2020 she won the regional ‘Power Within Award’ from Network Ireland which recognised Martina’s passion for yoga and nutrition, and in creating a successful business that she loves.

    Yoga and nutrition have been a huge support to Martina through challenging times in her own life, from being fortunate enough to overcome chronic fatigue 12 years ago and more recently recovering from ovarian cancer and a hysterectomy. Martina believes that yoga and nutrition play an important part in supporting women at any age but especially in midlife to help them feel more confident, empowered and energised when moving into the next phase in their lives.

    Martina is friendly, welcoming and attentive and she wants everyone who attends her classes, workshops and clinics to feel they are seen and heard, to feel part of a community of like-minded people that are there to support each other.

    Cancellation Policy:
    The purchases/deposits you make are non-refundable. You can cancel within 48 hours of making your purchase, we will gladly refund your full deposit upon request within this time line. Up to a week prior to the event, we can transfer your purchase to another date where possible, after which the purchase/deposit is completely non-refundable.

    In the event of a no-show the booked night(s) and service(s) will be charged in full.


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