SQ Satsang

SQ Satsang


Facilitated by: Marcela
Saturdays 7-9PM
No charge, donations are welcome

Dearest SQ-Family and Friends of Love,

Join us in exploration of all the wisdom teachings as brought forth by Derek. Audio & video recordings that will bring us collectively deeper into their application.
We are often reminded that time is truly precious. As the teachings say, opportunity doesn’t come around often and it might be many lifetimes before we get the same chance again. What better way use current opportunities that are around us than getting together to review them, share what we have learned and help each other utilize them in our daily lives.
The format of this weekly Satsang will be as follows:
Start with Heart Sutra, followed by audio/video recording of Derek’s Talks, calls, or parts of the workshops along with a discussion.  End with one of Derek’s recorded Meditations.
Each week we will be given a specific contemplation to practice it and bring the Teachings into application for the next time we meet. A few weeks might be spent focusing on a specific subject of Bhagavad Gita & Tibetan Wheel of Life Teachings.
We ask your generous heart for donations to honor the energy exchange. If giving monetary exchange puts you into jeopardy or you cannot afford to do so but would still like to join - please join us and do a good deed for someone in need instead of a donation.

Please reserve your place at least 6 hours in advance in order to be able to get the link for access if you do not already have it.

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