Get A Grip Series Book:  Desire: Never Fulfilled but Grows

What brings true, lasting happiness? Having the biggest house on the block or an impressive title in front of your name? Are you on an endless chase to acquire the things that you’re convinced you need?

DESIRE: Never Fulfilled but Grows, the latest book in the GET A GRIP series by Derek O’Neill, will shift your perspective on this fascinating topic!

What role does attachment play in desire? What is the difference between a healthy, higher desire and one that brings us suffering? These are just some of the many subjects this little book touches upon, in addition to, how technology and social media affects desire, the impermanent nature of life, and the subconscious beliefs around what we desire, and why.

With better understanding of desire, we can begin to live our lives in alignment with who we truly are and in gratitude for all we have right now. 

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