Is Dieting Making You Fat Workshop

Is Dieting Making You Fat Workshop


Facilitated by: Mari Gregan

Room: Yellow Rose Room
Date: Saturday 15th September 10:00am - 2:00pm 
Cost: €50 

Issues with weight are multi-faceted relating to messages we received in the past, to advertising, to body image, and how we use food to deal with our emotions.

 So, it is not as simple as using will power and sticking to a restrictive diet. If that worked it would have worked by now! This method takes a wider view and challenges our beliefs and retrains our thinking and habits and our links to emotional eating.


Join Mari for an afternoon of knowledge about health and weight.

  • Reasons / science to why dieting is making you fat
  • How your body and mind respond to restriction
  • How overthinking and obsessing leads to overeating and binging
  • Learn how to work with your body’s natural response to hunger and satisfaction cues
  • Learn how to gain back your confidence and trust yourself