Empowered Living

Empowered Living


Facilitated by: Marcela, Kelly and Mayita
Room: Hosted on Zoom
Date: Every 1st, 3rd & 4th Saturday of the month, 19.30 GMT, Hawaii 8.30 HST, 11.30AM PST
Price: €8

"Empowered Living" - Life changing ZOOM Wellness & Spiritual Adventure of Deep Personal Transformation, Meditation & Mindfulness.

Join this little international team of Wellness/Mindfulness Teachers & Spiritual Practitioners to explore the depth of your Potential & activate your Ultimate Empowerment through awakening your Authentic Self.

"We welcome anybody who is looking for a change and transformation. We believe it's the time to stop studying the signpost and start following the direction. We would like to share our stories and hear yours. We are ordinary people with extraordinary experiences. To bring a greater level of genuine deep personal Transformation, healing and Love into our lives, we have been given extraordinary tools in form of Rising Star and Prema Birthing healing systems, More Truth Will Set You Free healing workshops, Wellness workshops of Deep Personal Transformation, and healing symbols - Rising Star, Prema Agni (Fire of Divine Love) Premapranahuti (The Divine Awakener) We have access to incredible Wisdom Teachings, that will bring you to the greater level of understanding and experience. But the most importantly - we would like to share it, knowing that we have this golden opportunity to transform collectively, while the individual connection to the Divine will be strengthen beyond what we can imagine now."

Kelly, Mayita & Marcela

"Empowered Living" In a comfort of your home. Explore & activate your Potential with the help of this Zoom Adventure.

This workshop is a road map how to live your Best Life with greater purpose, gratitude and joy.

You deserve Happiness, this is your Birthright.

It offers an opportunity to identify disharmonies and neutralize the causes, as well as learn proven techniques to guide you back to Happiness.
This workshop also offers a fun and exploratory approach of Ancient Wisdom Teachings from various traditions including Celtic, Buddhist and Vedic.

This workshop has the potential to create big shifts in people's lives! By identifying the root-cause behind any physical, mental, and emotional imbalance or dis-ease, they can address the underlying issue and create healthy and happy relationships with their partner, friends, family, colleagues, money, food, and most importantly, with themselves!


  • Turn your Challenges into Opportunities for Growth
  • Self-Confidence and Empowerment
  • Find your Purpose & Gain New Insights
  • Correct Spirit, Mind and Body
  • Reduce Stress and Anxiety
  • Remove limiting Belief Systems
  • Heal Emotional Pain & Improve Relationships
  • Access Untapped Potential
  • Deep Shift in your Energy System 

​"There is no incident or happening in your life that cannot be changed NOW."
Are you ready to be free or are you happy being the victim with the sad story in your life?​

If you want to change, it takes teamwork and it begins with YOU SHOWING UP FOR YOUR LIFE, NOT JUST SURVIVING IT.​

So bring all your tears, your pains, your joys and your sorrows, and show up as who you are.

You will be in safe hands. You will be in an environment where you will not be judged. It is not about being perfect, it is about beings being human and telling the Truth that will set them free. There is no incident or happening in your life that cannot be changed NOW with the right information, with the right sense of security that will bring you to the freedom of your soul’s essence.

Meet the facilitators:


"My greatest service is to step out of the way and allow the Conscious Field of Unlimited Potential, Source of Universal Intelligence do the job & bring people back to their core Being which is the Source of their own healing, has the answers and Soul-utions to all their problems and bringing Magic and Happiness back into their lives. To enhance facilitation of the workshops, I have been trained in Meditation, Mindfulness & other healing techniques which I practice on daily bases."


"Having lived through numerous personal health and life challenges including cancer, 5 major surgeries and everything in between, I love helping others to illuminate and heal underlying causes of stress and dis-ease. Driven by my own experience first-hand how incredibly transformational these energy healing systems have been for myself and others all around the world, it is my greatest joy to share the very healing modalities that has helped her and tens of thousands others to move forward and overcome physical, emotional and mental challenges."


"I have been walking the path of healing for my entire life and have had privilege of practicing the healing arts for the last 20 years. After studying with Master Teachers and Healers and experiencing my own Awakening, I hope to bring these sacred Teachings and techniques to you. I believe each person has the capacity to heal themselves and it is my honor to hold and facilitate that awakening for all my clients."

Online booking essential in order to receive your access.

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