Get A Grip Series Book - Fear: A Powerful Illusion  

Is fear keeping you from living your life to its fullest? This little book from the GET A GRIP series delivers some big answers to help you understand and recognise fear, along with offering easy-to-follow techniques to move past the obstacles fear can present. This little book will give you insight and help you to examine and disarm the fear that arises. In addition to an understanding of what fear is trying to tell us, you will also discover the significant role played by your own subconscious mind. In these powerful pages you’ll find beneficial observations on fear of love, failure, death and many other common fears and phobias. Learn how vulnerability actually makes you strong, and how speaking to the fear we experience can allow us to move freely and confidently into a new future, of your own design.


Electronic edition now available:

- Purchase Kindle Edition (Amazon.com)

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