Fire Meditation Training

Fire Meditation Training


In this Fire Meditation, Derek introduces us to one of the most powerful mantras available today. This mantra is passed from teacher to student to help us all to achieve liberation– in other words, to help us move out of the lower ego state of attachments, desires, and into the higher state of consciousness of love and compassion. From there we are able to better be of service to humanity and the world.

It is called a Fire Meditation because it awakens the heart with the Fire of Divine Love and helps us to burn through desires so that fire can rise from the lower chakras.  In this way, we will move closer toward self-realisation we are all moving towards on our spiritual path. That is the liberation from unhealthy attachments and desires which cause us and the planet suffering.

Join Derek in this teaching and meditation instruction that was facilitated by him at the June 2013 Dublin workshop,  This is not just another meditation; it is a higher teaching and transformational experience. (ONLINE VIEWING ONLY)

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