Zoom Five Tibetan Vitality Yoga

Zoom Five Tibetan Vitality Yoga


Facilitated by: Jonathan Keenan
Room: Hosted on Zoom
Price: €8 
Date: Thursdays 6PM

This is a zoom only class.

Join us to strengthen your core, manage your weight, boost your energy, tone your body, and clear you mental chatter. The Five Tibetan Rites is a yoga practice that will revolutionize your physical and energetic self!

This type of yoga only has five asanas (positions), each working towards twenty-one repetitions and twenty-one breaths. There is no twisting or contorting in this yoga, just core strength exercises and basic movements.

Anyone can attend. Anti-slip mats, blocks, straps are provided. Wear comfortable and flexible clothing. Bring your smile and a friend.

Online booking essential in order to receive your access.

Please book by 6pm of the previous day to ensure you will receive the related Zoom link. 

Originating in the Himalayan Mountains, where it was practiced by monks, this ancient Yoga focuses on five simple asana, or physical postures, geared towards building and sustaining your body's energy. It has all the benefits of conventional exercise, in that it is a good way to care for and revitalise the body, but also works on a deeper level, like all Yoga practices.

The true purpose of the Five Tibetans is to help you to access your energy through the body. We can become very stiff, both in our mental state and in our physicality. This physical practice can help you to bring life back into the body and the breath. It will awaken greater energy within you and create a sensation of peace that is truly tangible within the body.

Through a focus on correct breathing patterns and mindful movements, this Yoga has been have profound positive effects on the body. 

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