Get A Grip Collection

Get A Grip Collection


Written by Derek O'Neill, the Get A Grip ‘pocket-book’ series includes 22 books that offer new perspectives and insightful findings across a variety of the issues and challenges we face everyday – from anger, confidence, anxiety, fear, depression, relationships, suicide and addiction to dreams, abundance and happiness. These books offer deep wisdom and practical guidance on how to empower ourselves so we can begin to live more meaningful and fulfilling lives.

Get a Grip Books

  1. Abundance: Starts Right Now
  2. Addiction: What a Cover-Up!
  3. Anger: Who Gives a Shite?
  4. Anxiety: To Peace
  5. Bullying: You Won’t Beat Me
  6. Confidence: Easy For You to Say
  7. Consciousness: It’s All Over You
  8. Depression: What’s that?
  9. Desire: Never Fulfilled but Grows
  10. Dreams: The Best Messengers
  11. Excellence: You Never Lost It, You Forgot It
  12. Fear: A Powerful Illusion
  13. Forgiveness: So I Can Move On
  14. Gratitude: Yes Please
  15. Grief: Mind Boggling But Natural
  16. Happiness: You Must Be Effin’ Joking!
  17. Love/Divorce: Soulmate or Cellmate?
  18. Mindfulness: Out Of Or In Your Mind?
  19. Relationships: Would You Want to Date You?
  20. Stress: Is Stress Stressing You Out?
  21. Suicide: Fast or Slow
  22. Weight: What’s Eating You?


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