Remote Attendance: 2020 Ireland Workshop

Remote Attendance: 2020 Ireland Workshop



When you add the product to the cart you may adjust the quantity to increase the level of your exchange. The amount of healing energy that you will receive directly correlates to your investment amount. You may exchange any amount up to the full investment of the workshop.

If you cannot attend the Ireland Workshop in person, the remote attendance option may be for you. Remote attendance is a way of receiving the healing energy of the workshop without being there physically. It is like lighting a candle in a church/temple and offering a donation, knowing your intention is traveling to the receiver. The exchange is taking place etherically. Please note, remote attendance does not include a recording of the workshop or any live-streaming.

Your investment may also be applied to your friends and family, by setting that intention when you purchase.

If you are attending the Ireland workshop in person please visit the Ireland Workshop page. 

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