Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Lymphatic Drainage Massage



Unlike other massage, this form of massage requires light touch and gentle repetitive movements either fingertips, palms of the hand, it is paced and does not use long strokes, heavy pressure or rapid movement.  It works directly on the lymphatic system not the muscular so it boosts the immune system. The therapist can move the clients’ skin in different directions lengthwise, horizontally and diagonally. These help drain the lymphatic system whilst stimulating the lymph vessels to contract.


It stimulates the immune system as it helps move stagnant tissue fluid out of the tissues.

It aids stress relief, this is a very slow, relaxing, gentle and repetitive massage reducing the body’s fight or flight response to stress.  The fight and flight reaction causes the body to tense and produce hormones and chemicals for defence, stress depresses the immune system, it can cause physical damage as well.  LDM helps to guide the body into a parasympathetic state which basically slows the heart rate and breathing down, relaxes the muscles and allows organs to function normal again.

It combines well with other therapies and can help speed up healing injuries and reduce scar tissue – its beneficial for sports injuries. 

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