'Meeting Your Unlimited Potential Self' Workshop

'Meeting Your Unlimited Potential Self' Workshop



Facilitated by: Suzanne Crane, Elizabeth Dooley and Karen Ní Faoláin
Room: Heart Room 
Date: Saturday 24th November
Cost: €90 per person

 Accommodation not included

Join us at Creacon for a self healing workshop opening you up to connecting back into the amazing self, the truth of who you truly are. 

You will learn self help and self healing tools and techniques that will allow you to break old behaviours and negative self beliefs.

This is a gentle yet transformative workshop held in the nurturing space of tranquility and rejuvenation that is Creacon. So come and allow your spirit, mind and body be nurtured as you unwind and renew in gentle meditations, sound healing, Tibetan bowls, chakra cleansing, and self inquire sessions while also enjoying the famous “Food Is Medicine” meals.



Photo by Abhinav Srivastava on Unsplash