Men's Energy Boost

Men's Energy Boost


Men's Energy Boosting Face & Neck Treatment 

During this one-hour treatment, enjoy a multi-level therapeutic and aesthetic impact, which consists of: Stimulation of meridian points derived from oriental medicine, which results in regulating the level and flow of energy. Face and Neck muscle manipulation technique, lymphatic drainage and acupressure on the face that help restore proper muscle tension and elimination of swelling, obtaining the effect of a rested face. 

Benefits of Treatment: 

  • A wellness balance of the whole body. 
  • Rebalances the immune system. 
  • Stimulates Vagus Nerve. 
  • Releases endorphins and lowers stress levels. 
  • Encourages deep relaxation.  
  • Rebalances the hormonal system. 
  • Improves sleep.  
  • Lifts and tones facial muscles. 
  • Restores facial contour definition. 
  • Improves the texture of the skin. 
  • Increases production of collagen and elastin.  
  • Stimulates blood circulation and moves lymphatic fluid. 
  • Energises the entire body. 

      Duration: 60 minutes

      Price: €75

      Therapist: Emilia Blysz

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