The format of this book is a downloadable pdf document :)

"What makes this book really powerful is because it was wrote by somebody who has been a student of mine for many, many years and they wrote their journey of where it started and where they are now.  And it is the most real, the most grounded, the most energetic, brilliant book that I have read in a long time. It's priceless, it's the sort of book everybody should read. " - Derek O'Neill

Presence is an honest grounded look at the spiritual path thru the eyes of a student, and how recognizing the Truth about you is what keeps you on that path. Trusting an outer Master teacher can bring you to your greatest teacher... the Presence residing within you.

The author, Sandra Grey Wolf, facilitates Earth Oracle, Angel & Tea Leaf Readings, Soul Retrievals, Rising Star Healings, and also facilitates several other workshops and events at Creacon Wellness Retreat.  Please check the Treatments section and Creacon's Events calendar for the days/times of her weekly workshops.

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