Raising Consciousness Conference Calls 2020

Raising Consciousness Conference Calls 2020


Raising Consciousness 2020 with Derek O'Neill

Sunday January 5th, February 9th, March 8th, April 5th, May 10th, June 14th, July 5th, July 26th, August 30th, Sept 27th...
9AM Pacific / 12PM Eastern / 5PM Irish Time

Ascension, self-realization, awakening – they are all terms that describe a certain level of consciousness. Many cultures, philosophies, and belief systems offer teachings that can illuminate a fascinating exploration into our very being. Ultimately, consciousness is energy. Join me for this new series where we’ll explore the nature of consciousness, how to move up the levels and how to use consciousness for greater happiness, peace and a deeper connection to Source.

For future dates, your purchase will initiate a download of a file containing the dial-in numbers to join the live call with Derek and you will receive the recording after the call. For past events, you will receive a link to download the audio recording.