Recession of the Heart Tour

Recession of the Heart Tour


Experience the energy and wisdom of the practical and timeless teachings through this audio recording of the More Truth Will Set You Free workshop with Derek O'Neill in October 2010 in Los Angeles, CA, Ashland, OR, and Atlanta, GA.

"As we begin to awaken either naturally or through workshops, through teachings or through experiences, we begin to turn. Look at these two guys, Yin and Yang, cause and effect. Life can't happen without those two guys. They must be kept separate. But, they're part of the blueprint, you see? So we're all on the same journey. Everyone has the same story to tell, just different. Your experience has more detail but it's the same experience - you're either going through suffering or pain, or you're going through happiness and bliss."

"Maybe we need to create that honesty in our lives. Because somebody has to do it, somebody has to start ... Fear is an illusion. Fear is what we feed on when we don't know who we are." 

Each city's audio download consists of multiple parts.

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