Red String Healing

Red String Healing


How It Works: Derek and others initiated by Derek will meditate for the time required sending out the Rising Star and Premapranahuti energy to whomever is given the string to wear. The longer you wear it, the more energy is building up for it. As Derek does his meditations and Puja ceremonies, his energy adds to the string healing for the wearer. Or, you may actually just put the string on the photograph of somebody to whom you're gifting a healing and it will work just as well, as long as you follow the same instructions as if you were wearing the string yourself.

What you have to do is focus on the issue you want to deal with or the specific healing you're sending to another. This activates the string of energy. Once you have focused and identified the issue looking to be resolved, stop thinking about it and let the energy do its thing purifying and clearing whatever needs clearing from a higher consciousness point.

LET THE HEALING BEGIN! Example: 7-day string after day one, cut off one bead. This is a sign of cutting away what is no longer needed on your path to peace. Day 2, do the same and so on until Day 7 when you cut off the last bead. Then take the wisdom string and put it safely away in a drawer, on an altar, or wherever for at least one year. Then disregard it by putting into flowing water or back into the earth. We wish you well on your healing journey.

Note: As these strings represent energy exchange, and the seven beads also represent the seven major energy centres in our body, you may find that a bead or two fall off themselves or even the whole string. If this happens, (don't worry) it is all part of the healing working. This is often an outer sign of the internal process, i.e. one energy centre (chakra) needing more or less energy than another. Please be assured that with or without the string, once started, the healing will continue until finished.

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