Nature's Way Awakening Retreat

Nature's Way Awakening Retreat


Facilitator: Halls of Atlantis
Dates: 2nd - 10th November 
Price: €1,270 per person sharing/ €1,475 single occupancy 


A land steeped in mysticism, folklore and history. Where you can join the Craic, explore ancient lands once settled by Vikings and indulge your adventurous side with some beautiful trails and hiking in one of the many mountain ranges.  Surround yourselvef with lush green land and relax in the Irish countryside, all while reviving our body and soul with Hatha, Vinyasa, Restorative and Chakra yoga.

The land and its people are known to be welcoming and warm, so enjoy the ride, sit back and take it all in as we journey to Ireland's Ancient East.

This retreat will combine the practice of yoga, with the creative nutrition of our Food is Medicine menu, and the culture of this beautiful land.  Get away from the constant buzz of your everyday lives and cozy up to the Irish countryside.  From strolls along the Quay in New Ross to the Majestic Hook Peninsula, there is plenty to help you unwind and experience the old-world charm Ireland has to offer.  Between this and the introspection from your classes, you will return home grounded and focused.

Retreat is priced including accommodation, breakfast, lunch & dinner, some trips out and classes organised by retreat host. 

For more information WhatsApp: Cameron 1 705 920 4983