Sunday 28th July

Sunday 28th July


BioAcoustic Breathwork

Facilitated by: James McCauley
Date: Sunday 28th July, 2024
Time: 2.30pm – 4.30pm
Meditation Hall

Embark on a transformative journey with our BioAcoustic Breathwork Workshop, where the therapeutic power of sound frequencies meets the profound effects of breathwork. This unique workshop is enhanced through the use of silent disco headphones, providing a personal and immersive experience. During the session, James will provide live coaching directly through the headsets, guiding each participant through the breathwork process and ensuring a deeply personalized and effective session.

This workshop is known for it's ability to facilitate profound emotional release and spiritual awakening, providing participants with the tools they need to maintain balance and harmony in their everyday lives.


14:30 Introduction - Setting the stage for the session, explaining the use of headphones and the role of live guided coaching.
14:40 Grounding Exercises - Preparing the body and mind for deep therapeutic work.
14:50 Main Bio-Acoustic Breathwork - James guides the group through the breathwork process using the headphones for direct communication.
16:20 Sharing and Reflection - Participants reflect on their experiences and share insights.
16:30 Closing - Summing up the session and discussing ways to integrate the experience into daily life.


• Stress and Anxiety Relief: Achieve deep relaxation and alleviate stress.
• Emotional Release: Release deep-seated emotions in a safe and controlled environment.
• Enhanced Mental Clarity: Clear your mind and gain insights into personal challenges.
• Physical Relaxation: Experience the soothing effects of sound waves combined with deep breathing.
• Spiritual Connection: Connect more deeply with yourself in a peaceful setting.

About the Facilitator

James McCauley is a seasoned facilitator of transformative wellness experiences, specializing in breathwork, hypnotherapy, and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). He holds certifications in each of these disciplines, with a particular focus on integrating breathwork with bio-acoustic sound to enhance physical, emotional, and mental well-being.

Based in Barcelona, James runs Playful Growth, a wellness company dedicated to offering innovative and effective wellness workshops that foster deep personal growth and healing. He is multilingual, conducting workshops in English, Spanish, and Chinese, which has allowed him to reach a diverse global audience.

His approach to wellness is deeply rooted in the belief that integrating the body's natural rhythms with targeted breathwork can significantly enhance one's quality of life. James uses silent disco technology in his workshops, allowing for a deeply personal experience as he provides live coaching through headsets. This innovative approach ensures that each participant receives guidance that is not only clear and direct but also tailored to their individual needs during the session.
James is passionate about helping individuals achieve breakthroughs that empower them to lead more fulfilling lives. His workshops are known for their ability to facilitate profound emotional releases and spiritual awakenings, providing participants with the tools they need to maintain balance and harmony in their everyday lives.

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