Step Away For a Day

Step Away For a Day


Facilitated by: Seamus Power
Dates: Saturday 29th January 2022, 9AM- 6PM
Price: €325 with special promotion price of €295 in place until 15th January 2022.

Powering Health, Step Away For a Day workshop with Seamus Power.

Are you often feeling frustrated, constrained or finding yourself becoming increasingly agitated?

Have you reached a point in your life, where to the outside world, you have achieved great success, but somehow, deep down inside, there is still a feeling of emptiness or a sense of lack in your life?

Step Away For a Day will support you taking those initial small steps towards developing a healthier and more loving relationship with your true self. We create a safe, compassionate and non-judgemental space to begin this journey at your ideal pace. Enjoy the mix of contemplations, our signature method ‘pyramid model’ and vision-board experience that build upon each other throughout, and beyond, the day itself.

We will help you to reharness and redeploy lost, and often wasted energy…

You will learn to plug into and utilize your own abundant supply of natural energy from within. Enjoy the benefits of enhancing your relationship with yourself and creating new insights about who you are and what you are REALLY about.
Once you begin to experience the power, liberation and, often relief, of loving yourself more and more, and realising your own beauty, amazing things can happen. These amazing things include:

Vastly improved relationships with others, at home, at work and other important relationships.
Improved work performance and structure in how you balance key activities in your life.
Improved health and improved chances of living a longer, happier and more fulfilled life.
  • The power of heart-focused breathing as you complete three powerful guided reflections.
  • The use of journaling and a powerful Vision-Board experience to help embody, with true clarity, what matters most in your life
  • Your ability to become more discerning about where you expend your energy, or not.
  • Techniques and practice skills that enhance your mental fitness.