Tibetan Sound Bath Healing

Tibetan Sound Bath Healing


Facilitated by: Elizabeth Dooley
Room: Meditation Hall
Date: Wednesday & Saturday: 11:45am - 12:45pm
Price: €10 

Elizabeth Dooley is an Oriental Medicine Practitioner and works with the Tibetan bowls as a healing modality. (Currently the class is being held by Suzanne Crane and will resume as normal once Creacon reopens for classes in person.) The sounds of the Tibetan Bowls resonate with the Chakra System clearing and removing energy blocks. In particular this is effective for stress, addictive patterns and opening up the heart chakra for clearer communication in body mind and spirit. All are welcome to this amazing experience.


"These workshops have given me clarity to accept, move forward and be at peace with different situations and challenges in my life." -TR

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