Tibetan Head Massage

Tibetan Head Massage


Tibetan Scalp & Neck Reflexology Therapy represents a contemporary approach rooted in ancient Tibetan medical traditions. By harnessing insights from microsystems and reflex zones mapped across the head, face, neck, shoulders, and back, this therapy offers a holistic path to wellness.

This calming treatment allows clients to enjoy a wonderful feeling of relaxation which may also help to ease physical and emotional worries.

During this treatment you will be asked to lie face down while the therapist performs acupressure on the reflex zones of the neck and head (work on micro-maps). Then you will be asked to change position and lie down on your back
to undergo effective and calming reflexology type movements to help unblock and release the build up of muscular knotting.

Moving onto the face, a light cleanse of the face will be done (if you have basic makeup, it will be removed, so please bring it with you if you prefer to reapply it before leaving). Organic oil blend (usually Rosenship) will be applied to perform Reflexology therapy and acupressure techniques.

Benefits of Tibetan Scalp and Neck Reflex Therapy include:
  •   Restoring joint mobility and alleviating muscle tension through gentle tissue mobilization in the upper back, shoulders, and neck.
  •      Enhancing blood circulation to purge toxins from muscle regions, thereby optimizing oxygen distribution throughout the body.
  •      Inducing relaxation in scalp and head muscles, toning facial muscles, and boosting blood circulation to facilitate facial lymphatic drainage.
  •      Addressing a spectrum of conditions such as excessive muscle tension, stress, insomnia, emotional dementia, limb pain, dizziness, and headaches.
  •      Enhancing skin tone and appearance, fostering a radiant complexion.
Treatment duration: 40 minutes.   Price: €50

Therapist: Emilia
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