Personal Yagna Fire Ceremony

Personal Yagna Fire Ceremony


Agni Hotra

The meaning of the words Agni Hotra is "adherence to truth". The purpose of these rites or sacrifices is to cleanse the mind. This kind of cleansing is a necessary step in order to feel the movement of the healing energy. The flames that rise from the altar of fire reach the solar splendor of this world, helping to release negative or stuck energy that is causing suffering. While all the elements must be present during a genuine Yagna, the burning properties of Prema Agni are most central.

"We must set up the sacrificial fire known as Prema Agni within our self. We must feed the flame by truthful utterances or we quench it by uttering falsehood."
-Mundakopanishad, Upanishad

Today, only a few hundred devoted individuals are able to perform these sacrificial rites, and even fewer can maintain the sacred fires continuously and perform the sacred rituals. Ceremonial Yagnas are performed to also heal the planet, one's country and one's community giving thanks for that which has been provided. It is indeed rare for westerners to have access to genuine Yagnas, and we at Creacon are pleased to now offer access to Yagna ceremonies performed by qualified individuals.

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